Our Dreamings Interactive CD-ROM

Aboriginal Art and Culture created by Christine Levy

I created Our Dreamings when I returned to Australia in 1990 to study video production after many years living in Europe and Africa, but the genesis of Our Dreamings goes back to decades of awareness about the alienation and discrimination suffered by black people in Australia and elsewhere.

Our Dreamings goes a little way towards better understanding of the Indigenous world, but there’s so much more to learn which is essential for humanity: the preservation of the environment, locating, hunting, gathering and preparing food and locating water, rules for kinship and marriage, spiritual wealth and traditional Aboriginal law.

The "Our Dreamings" CD-ROM is an interactive information resource about Aboriginal art and culture that easily references essential learning areas of curriculum for teachers. It gives an opportunity for a wide range of enquiry, with tasks for students of all ages and ability levels, linking to aspects of Aboriginal life across Australia.

The two featured artists, Malcolm Jagamarra and Janet Nakamarra, are Warlpiri people from the central desert of Australia. Their unique tribal style and language provide an opportunity for comparison to other groups and cultural practices.

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This is a very worthwhile resource for schools because of the excellent quality of the information and the visual presentation. The photographs and paintings are beautiful and breathtaking and will enable students to gain an appreciation and understanding of Aboriginal art and culture. Independent Schools Queensland